Sharon is an excellent therapist who is encouraging, delights in my smallest gains and continues to gently guide my continuing progress.
Karen Zonyk


Cases of Improvement

One patient who saw significant improvements under Sharon’s care was a 20-year-old man who’d sustained a severe hand injury during a motorcross accident. It was one of the worst injuries Sharon had ever seen. The man had multiple fractures and severe tendon injuries. Through hard work and specialized care, he was able to regain the use of his hand, something his surgeon said was “unbelievable.”

In most cases, The Center can prevent patients from having carpal tunnel surgery by teaching them simple exercises, identifying causative factors, and implementing environmental modifications.

After suffering 2 strokes in 2011, I passed the 2-year mark with disappointment. I had done inpatient therapy and participated in 2 clinical trials with little improvement in my hand function. That changed when I met Sharon; I have seen steady, incremental improvement with my dexterity, movement, and functionality. I am very pleased with my progress!
Glenn Vermilion