Regain your function
Mimi Vanderhaven article by Laura Briedis Tomko

Are you living with pain?
Mimi Vanderhaven article by Laura Briedis Tomko

Stroke and Hand Recovery
Mimi Vanderhaven article by Laura Briedis Tomko

The Weekly Pulse TV show
Sharon Covey's interview - Stroke and Hand Recovery

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Award winning rehabilitation technology.

Stroke Recovery Groups

A therapeutic, educational yoga program that provides an integrated system of adaptive yoga poses, breath work, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to individuals identified with special needs and people experiencing medical challenges.

Cleveland Stroke Club
Stroke survivors and their families banded together to exchange coping techniques for the many stroke-related problems they experience.

Speak Easy Group
Provides unique and innovative programming for post-therapy stroke patients and others with acquired neurogenic communication disorders.

Tips for One-Handed Cooking After Stroke

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The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Stroke Survivors